Tyler Vik at the 2012 Reedy Race of Champions

February 19th, 2012

Last weekend I raced the Reedy Race of Champions in La Mirada, California at immaculate West Coast Raceway. This is the second year of the revived Reedy Race, and being that I was able to race the Invitational class, I decided to attend. For those that haven’t seen a Reedy Race before, the Invitational format is a different format than any other race. The organizers take thirty drivers from around the world, breaks them up into random groups of ten, for ten rounds of heads up racing. The late Mike Reedy always loved racing, so he created this event on his birthday as a present to himself.

The Invitational class had one day of practice, so everyone only had three rounds of practice to get themselves comfortable with the track and their cars. A control tire was in use, so that removed one thing drivers had to focus on. The track layout was difficult, with a lot of blind spots and chicanes. Once racing started, there were a lot of highlights and exciting moments, including an amazing race between world champions, Atsushi Hara and Ryan Cavalieri. My TLR 22 and Kyosho ZX-5 were both very good on the indoor clay track and I found some highs and lows. I countered some bad luck in two wheel drive, with some good top three runs in four wheel drive and finished nineteenth overall, a result I was happy with. Congratulations to Durango’s Jorn Neumann, the 2012 Reedy Race winner, who put on a hell of a show that came down to the very last race of the event to win it all.

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