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John McGinty Civil War Grand Slam Series Rd 1 Race Report

April 5th, 2012


This weekend we attended the Civil War Grand Slam Series Round 1 at The BADLANDS in Myrtle Beach, SC.  This was called the North Carolina State Championship Series last year that Brandon Melton from Team Associated runs.  This year he included SC in the series as well which is where he came up with the Civil War name for the series.  There is a Captain for NC and a Captain for SC.  Each Captain must pick a person for each class from their state that they think will win.  You must pick a different driver for each class and no single driver can be picked 2 races in a row.

There were 122 entries for Saturday’s race.  Friday was open practice until 8:15 PM.  Friday the track was very smooth with plenty of traction and minimal tire wear.  Saturday morning the first race of the day was just hitting the track when a very heavy rain started to fall.  It rained hard for about 30 minutes which left the track covered in water.  The Badlands crew quickly started working on the track getting the water off and prepping the track the best they could.  These guys are some of the best on the East coast at getting a track back into race condition after a big storm.  Their hard work paid off and the track was in great shape by 2:00.  At 2:30 the first qualifier hit the track.  By 7:00 we had run through 2 full rounds of qualifying.


John Michael III put an excellent first qualifier in which earned him the 5th starting position in the Expert Buggy A main.  TLR’s Jason Smith took the TQ spot and Mugen Seiki/ A Main Hobbies driver Barry Pettit qualified 2nd.  The 25 minute A main started and after the first lap John Michael was in 3rd.  The next lap he moved into 2nd and stayed there for a couple laps before he made a mistake that dropped him back to 5th.  He fell back a couple more spots after making another mistake and then he got in the groove and started putting down good consistent laps.  He stayed fast and consistent and worked his way back up towards the front little by little.  After some mechanical problems with a couple people in front of him he worked his way up to 3rd.  He ended up finishing 3rd behind Barry Pettit who took 2nd place.  Both John and Barry were using JConcepts Green Hybrids.

In the Open Truggy class TLR’s Jason Smith was sitting in the number  one spot with Mugen Seiki/ A Main Hobbies driver Barry Pettit qualified 2nd and John Michael McGinty III sitting in the 3rd spot.  The 25 minute A main started and Jason, Barry and John almost immediately started to pull away from the rest of the field.  All 3 were nose to tail with each other like a train for the first couple laps.  Barry made a small mistake on the 3rd lap which allowed John to get by him into 2nd place.  He stayed in 2nd for the next 5 laps when he made a small mistake and Barry got by him which dropped him to 3rd.  6 laps later Jason made a mistake and Barry moved into the lead.  The next lap Jason made another mistake and John moved into 2nd behind Barry.  A couple laps later Jason got by John and moved into 2nd and at the same time Barry broke a rear arm on a crash which unfortunately took him out of the lead and out of the race.  After that Jason got into a groove and checked on out.  John finished 2nd.  Both John and Barry were using JConcepts Green Hybrids.


I qualified 2nd in the Pro 2 SCT A main.  Max Flurer was TQ for that class.  Max was in his own world and nobody could even get close to him through either of the A mains.  I finished 3rd in the A1 A main and I finished 2nd in the A2 A main to give me a 2nd place overall finish.

I qualified 3rd in the EBuggy B main.  I finished 2nd and bumped into the A main.  Once again Max Flurer was TQ.  During the A1 Main Max was all by himself.  During the A2 main Brandon Melton was able to give Max a challenge towards the end but Max was able to pull off the win.  I finished 9th in the A1 A main and 10 in the A2 A main which gave me a 10th place finish overall.

Overall we had a great day of racing with great results.

I would like to thank all our sponsors for their help!!!




Expert Buggy
1 Jason Smith TQ
2 Barry Pettit
3 John Michael McGinty III

Open Truggy
1 Jason Smith TQ
2 John Michael McGinty III
3 Randy Cooper

1 Max Flurer TQ
2 Brandon Melton
3 Chris Kimble

Pro 2 SCT
1 Max Flurer TQ
2 John McGinty
3 Ken Rand

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